We went,saw, visited, and ate.

Visiting some places in Cali

Some students have visited some of the places we have mentioned in class. Here there are the pictures they wanted to share with us.

Cali some years ago

Enjoy nice pictures about some important places of Cali, some years ago they looked very different.

Mapa Época Colonial

Ver mapa más grande

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One day enjoying the city where we live...

Ma. José Carvajal and Melissa Cadavid: We enjoyed this tour because we could sisit many places, and saw that Mariamulata is a big bird, Jovita used many things, and we saw bulls and horses in the Plaza de Toros.

Ma. Juliana Garzón y Valeria Araque: We saw: El Puente de los bomberos, the Cali river, the Miami fountaine. We visited: Museo arqueológico La Merced, Museo del oro, Las canchas Panamericanas.

Mariana Diez y María Luisa González: We felt very good because we knew more about Cali, we knew more places and we understood more about the history of Cali. Sandra thanks for these interesting things.

Martina Bueno and Ana Sofía Rodriguez: We went around Cali and we had a lot of fun. We visited la Merced and archeological museum; we saw a mummy and a lot of handicrafts of the indigenous. We also went to the Gold museum; we saw a cacique and a lot of gold. We saw the Municipal Theater, it is yellow and big.

Juan José Parra and Nicolas Figueroa: We saw some theaters like Jorge Isaacs and the Municipal. We felt good because we visited some theaters and some museums.

Juan Pablo Cañas and Daniel Mantilla: We went to a tour around Cali, we saw: Jovita Feijó, The Cat of the river, Mariamulata, la Fuente Miami, la Fuente de la Discordia, El monument o a la Infancia, the Metal bird. We had a good experience because we didn’t know those monuments.

Laura Romero, Sofía Largacha and Juana Whitaker: We visited la Merced museum, the Gold museum, San Antonio church and we also went to eat ‘’cholado’’. We felt that we were in another country because we didn’t know that part of my city.